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In a recent blog post, we introduced QuickStarts for Nonprofits and discussed common operational and data management hurdles faced by nonprofit organizations. As organizations grow, managing data across various files and formats, such as spreadsheets and documents, becomes increasingly inefficient, demanding substantial staff hours for data restructuring and formatting. To enhance productivity and transparency, nonprofits are increasingly embracing advanced digital solutions.

With over 14 years of experience advancing digital transformation in the nonprofit sector, we’ve encountered and successfully addressed these challenges through collaboration with hundreds of organizations. This firsthand experience motivated us to create QuickStarts for Nonprofits, leveraging Salesforce and Amp Impact technologies. Salesforce is a robust, adaptable, and scalable cloud-based CRM platform that can be customized using low-code/no-code tools to streamline data management, automate workflows, and support organizations of all sizes. Additionally, industry-specific solutions such as Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud (NPC) provide access to Salesforce AppExchange Apps like Amp Impact. Amp Impact, built on Salesforce, offers robust features for portfolio management and impact measurement, consolidating data for strategic planning, program and project management, work plans, impact frameworks, and performance indicators. QuickStart implementations can be completed in as little as six weeks, enabling nonprofits to streamline operations, realign with their missions, and enhance both efficiency and impact. In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into QuickStarts for Fundraising. Read more about our other QuickStarts packages, Portfolio Management and Impact Measurement, or Program Delivery in our earlier blogs.

What is a QuickStart for Fundraising?

Our Fundraising QuickStarts enable organizations to better engage with donors by providing a comprehensive view of individual and institutional supporters, activity history, and their areas of interest. This insight allows for targeted outreach to segmented groups, driving greater and longer-term commitments. Operational teams can efficiently plan activities, manage budgets, and track commitments and payments, saving time for more impactful work. Additionally, organizations can plan fundraising strategies and make data-driven decisions using detailed reports and dashboards. QuickStart customers get additional support from Vera to lightly tailor the solution to meet their needs, including (but not limited to) system label customization, user training, and comprehensive documentation, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation.

What to Expect: Our Project Deliverables

As a QuickStart customer, you’ll start with a fully functional solution and receive tools for adoption and technical documentation. This package features a user guide with clear, step-by-step instructions for navigating each module of the solution. Additionally, you’ll receive a comprehensive document outlining system requirements, including user stories and narrative solutions to clarify functionalities. A field map listing all system fields is also provided for quick reference. System administrators will have access to a dedicated Trailmix on Salesforce Trailhead for continuous learning and administrative support. Lastly, detailed system design documents will be provided, including a data model illustrating the schema with relevant Salesforce and Amp Impact objects and their relationships.

What is not included

Alongside delivering a new operational solution and accompanying documentation, it’s essential to manage expectations by clearly outlining what falls outside the scope of the QuickStart process:

  • Payment gateway to process donations
  • Donor Portal
  • Multi-currency and multi-language support
  • Custom data migration
  • Custom automation features
  • Custom data security and visibility requirements
  • Integration with other software

These features can be integrated in later stages after the QuickStart solution is launched. Each additional capability will require budgeting based on your individual needs.

How to Get Started with Vera Solutions’ Salesforce QuickStart Implementations

Nonprofit organizations can apply for free or discounted Salesforce licenses through the Power of Us Program. While Salesforce implementation may seem challenging initially, Vera’s QuickStart Implementations simplify the process. These implementations bridge the gap between acquiring subsidized licenses and fully utilizing the platform with a ready-made package that we execute in four straightforward steps. This approach enables organizations to undergo digital transformation in just six weeks. Here’s a concise overview of the implementation process:

Choosing the right Salesforce QuickStart Implementation Partner

Nonprofit organizations beginning their journey towards digital transformation face two main obstacles in choosing a partner. Firstly, they need a partner who understands their unique fundraising requirements. Secondly, they must ensure their implementation partner can provide the right technological solutions to achieve their goals.

Our QuickStart implementation packages effectively tackle these obstacles, leveraging 14 years of experience collaborating closely with nonprofits. These packages are meticulously crafted to help organizations deploy a solution swiftly, typically within six weeks.

For deeper insights into selecting the best partner, explore our detailed blog post: 7 criteria to consider when selecting a Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consulting partner.

Why Choose Vera Solutions?

With over 14 years of experience working with nonprofits, Vera Solutions is a 5-time Certified B Corporation providing cloud-based solutions to manage portfolios and programs, optimize grant management, and measure impact. By building on the Salesforce platform, we provide flexible, scalable solutions that enable organizations to become more transparent, accountable, and effective. Vera Solutions is a Salesforce Equality Partner and has been repeatedly recognized as one of the world’s Top Impact Companies.

Having taken an advisory role in the development of the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud product suite, we have key insights and recommendations on where the new Salesforce NPC can add value and drive efficiencies for your organization.

Over $12 billion of programs, grants, and projects advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals are managed using Vera’s flagship product, Amp Impact. Having served hundreds of organizations, our team has extensive knowledge of the nonprofit sector and deep experience in delivering the right solutions for many organizations.

We also offer:

  • A large pool of highly skilled and experienced Salesforce Consultants, with over 300 active Salesforce certifications and counting
  • Experience successfully delivering over 1,000 projects in the social sector
  • More than 420 customers working in 150+ countries
  • A dedicated team located across 5 continents, covering more than 14 languages

As a Consulting Partner, we’ve been dedicated to the Salesforce ecosystem for over 14 years. With the growth of Amp Impact, Vera Solutions has also been recognized twice as Product Partner of the Year (2019, 2022) and with a Partner Innovation Award (2021). As such, we constantly evaluate the Salesforce platform’s latest features and enhancements and how they can be leveraged to support our clients’ missions.

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