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At Vera, we foster team growth by empowering and supporting individuals as they embark on their leadership journey.

About Rising Leaders

The Rising Leaders (RL) Program is a leadership development initiative for emerging leaders at Vera. The specifics of each RL program are molded to meet the needs and priorities of each cohort. Some years, the program focuses more on business development, project management, people management, technical skills, etc.

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Become a Rising Leader at Vera Solutions and elevate your leadership journey today.

Fellows Spotlight

Application Process & Timeline

Our application process is designed to assess your fit for Vera Solutions, as well as your skills and experience. Every year, we receive a high volume of inspiring candidates, and can only accept a small percentage.

Vera Solutions Fellowship

All Fellows will join a mandatory orientation and training week in July (exact dates to be determined). Fellowships will commence directly following the orientation week.

“After the first 10 days, I felt like Vera had already invested more in me than other companies invest in the first two years. The management team was forthcoming and transparent in answering every question and made Fellows feel like we had been a part of the team for years."
Consulting Fellow, 2018-19

Rising Leaders FAQs

Rising Leaders is Vera’s leadership development program, providing targeted training, mentorship, and professional development opportunities for Verites growing into leadership roles across the company.

Participants are nominated by team leads to participate in the Rising Leaders Program. Participants are generally staff members who are rising into or have recently risen into Senior Consultant, Senior Developer, Manager, Lead, or Architect roles.

  • Current full-time staff
  • In good standing
  • Expressed desire to participate
  • In a people management capacity and 3+ years at Vera or
  • Senior title and 2+ years at Vera
  • Senior title defined for each department by department heads