Vera Solutions Recertified as B Corp for the Third Time, Will Attend Champions Retreat

B Corp for the Third Time | Champions Retreat

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We are proud to announce that Vera Solutions has been recertified as a B Corporation, following a verification process led by B Lab, which includes a review of organizational accountability, transparency, and social and environmental performance. B Lab, the non-profit governing body of the standards that determine the B Corp community, has catalyzed the global movement for social responsibility in the private sector. Our commitment to the triple bottom line — profit, people, and the planet — motivated us to attain Certified B Corporation status in 2012, and continues to drive us toward improvement and impact, both for the company and the communities we serve.

Certified B Corps make a commitment to positive impact both externally and internally — not only in their communities, but also within their own businesses, providing higher quality jobs for their workers. Being a B Corp requires a commitment to actively monitor the impact of your company, specifically in the five key areas that B Lab emphasizes: environment, workers, customers, community, and governance.  At Vera, 100% of our work is focused on generating social impact – helping social sector organizations to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. We operate on razor thin overhead, allowing the bulk of our revenue to be reinvested back into our business and our people. And, our employees are active in their communities both formally and informally, whether it is composting in Boston or volunteering in Mumbai. Vera’s 2016 B Impact Report details our Company Score across the five indicators mentioned above. Our score — at 100 — reflects our commitment to B Corp values, as we strive to make a difference for our team, our clients, and the greater social impact sector.

At Vera, we’re excited to continue our active presence in the B Corp community — comprising more than 1,800 for-profit companies in 50 countries, all of whom use business as a force for good — by attending this year’s B Corp Champions Retreat in Philadelphia. Held annually in different cities each year, the Retreat convenes more than 500 global leaders. This year, the community will focus on the conference’s central theme: ‘Towards an Inclusive Economy’. Through presentations, discussions, and networking, attendees will brainstorm ways to collectively make our long-term goal as B Corporations — an inclusive economy that creates opportunity for all people — a reality. If you’re attending the B Corps Champions Retreat this week and would like to meet a member of the Vera team, please contact us at

For more information on B Corp, visit and for information on becoming a B Corporation, visit

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