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Celebrating Excellence: Vera’s Recognition Awards and Commitment to Pledge 1%

As each year wraps up, we look forward to one of Vera’s significant events – the Recognition Awards. It’s a platform to acknowledge individuals who consistently demonstrate the company’s core values. Whether it’s through top-notch performance, partnering with our clients … Read More

3 QuickStart Packages To Quickly Streamline Your Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations are vital in tackling societal issues and fostering positive transformations. Yet, navigating the intricate operations of a nonprofit can often feel overwhelming. In addition to day-to-day operations in line with their missions and managing finances, many nonprofits rely … Read More

Vera Solutions Q1 Newsletter 2024

Welcome to your latest nonprofit news! We’re thrilled that you’re part of our network and excited to share all the buzzing activity from the first quarter in 2024. Scroll down to explore our highlights, click on our latest videos and … Read More

Vera’s Path to B Corporation Recertification

In today’s world, consumers are increasingly conscious of the impact their purchases have on society and the environment. They seek out businesses that not only deliver quality products or services but also prioritize ethical practices and sustainability. Enter B Corporation … Read More

Lessons Learned: Our first Salesforce NPC for Programs Implementation

What an exciting year of new Salesforce Solutions for the Nonprofit Sector 2023 has been. Having taken an advisory role in the Nonprofit Cloud product suite development, we have been fortunate to have had some early insights and were looking … Read More

Highlights from the Amp Impact 2024 Community Kickoff

Last month on February 1, 2024, the Vera Success team hosted the Amp Impact 2024 Community Kickoff virtual event, where people from over 35 organizations across the globe gathered to connect, see what’s new and what’s coming for Amp Impact, … Read More

Vera Solutions achieves 5th B Corp recertification

Boston, 19 March 2024 – We are thrilled to announce that Vera Solutions has achieved B Corporation recertification, marking our fifth time re-committing to a community of socially driven companies leveraging business as a force for good. “Sustainability is one … Read More

4 Ways to Leverage Salesforce Managed Services for Custom Code Development

In our client Consulting and Managed Services engagements, organizations often seek ways to optimize their Salesforce deployments without diving into extensive, complex projects. While platforms like Salesforce offer powerful low code no code tools such as flow builder, (We love … Read More

Managed Services – Engineering Support for Salesforce

After a decade of delivering Managed Services to our clients across the nonprofit sector, we’re delighted to share that we have expanded our services to include Managed Services – Engineering Support. In addition to our Managed Services for Salesforce Support and System Administration, … Read More

Vera Solutions Q4 Newsletter 2023

Welcome back after a well-deserved break, your latest nonprofit news is here! We were buzzing with activity from the last quarter in 2023. Scroll down to explore our highlights, click on our latest case studies and blogs, get all the … Read More