Amp Impact ‘Cassiopeia’ Release Introduces Multi-language Capability

Amp Impact ‘Cassiopeia’ Release Introduces Multi-language Capability

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Amp Impact Cassiopeia, the product’s 11th release, is now available with a revolutionary update for multilingual organizations: the ability to view and export data in multiple languages. In collating feedback from our customers over the years – most of whom are implementers and grant-makers working across multiple geographies and in multiple languages – it became clear that we needed to build out the product’s multi-language capability on top of the Salesforce Platform’s native multilingual functionality.

While multi-language capability is the big-ticket new feature in the Spring 2020 release, we’ve also made a number of important enhancements to some current features, namely the ability to:

  • Customize the maximum character limit that grantees, program officers, and others can enter in Submission responses
  • Set reviewer-specific help text on the Submission Template Builder that is different from the help text shown to the submitters
  • Seamlessly clone custom fields in Submissions
  • Map multiple unknown values in source records to sex-disaggregated indicator values when using Amp’s aggregation functionality

View and Export Data in Multiple Languages

With the Cassiopeia release, Amp Impact users can now view and export data in multiple languages. For instance, a French-speaking user can now enter/view data in French while an English-speaking user enters/views the same data in English and a Spanish-speaking user enters/views the same data in Spanish. This is particularly important for reference data, such as catalog indicators, geographic areas, objectives, and thematic areas.

Amp Impact supports a maximum of any three Roman alphabet languages, in addition to the system default language. Currently, the multi-language capability is available for the following features:
  1. Manage Framework
  2. Manage Indicators
  3. Set Targets & Add Results
  4. View Performance Graphs

Manage Framework - English vs. Portuguese

Manage Indicators - English vs. Portuguese

Set Targets / Add Results - English vs. Portuguese

View Performance Graphs - English vs. Portuguese

Want to see multi-language capability in action?

For Existing Amp Impact Customers

Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information about the Spring 2020 Release or refer to the upgrade instructions.

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