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Social Change in Asia

Harness the power of your data to manage portfolios, build relationships, manage fundraising activities, and deliver programs and projects.

Boost your impact with a nonprofit technology solution partner that supports NGOs across Asia

Advance your mission by consolidating your data on Salesforce for Fundraising, Programs, Projects, and Grant Management. With over 14 years of experience as a social enterprise and Certified B Corporation®, we proudly support nonprofit organizations worldwide. Our team has implemented over 1000 solutions for more than 430 NGOs, Funders, Social Enterprises, International Development Organizations, and UN Agencies.


A global team of highly skilled Salesforce Consultants with 300+ active certifications and counting.


Experience successfully delivering 60+ projects in Asia.


Over 40 customers across Asia.

Global team

Over 40 staff in Asia, supported by a global team across 5 continents covering more than 12 languages.

Digitally transform your organization
with our Salesforce QuickStarts

A QuickStart is a structured implementation process for nonprofit organizations seeking to streamline their data and operations within a centralized and scalable platform. Vera’s QuickStarts offers a cost-effective pathway for organizations to shift away from spreadsheets and get started on Salesforce. With Vera’s QuickStarts, organizations can onboard onto Salesforce in as little as 6 weeks, improving their workflows and becoming more efficient.

Why Salesforce?

Salesforce provides cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, featuring products tailored for nonprofits. These tools aid organizations in overseeing fundraising, grant management, program delivery. They seamlessly integrate with third-party apps from the Salesforce app marketplace (the AppExchange), such as Vera’s Amp Impact, which supports portfolio and program management, project delivery, grant management, and impact measurement. With over 60,000 nonprofit organizations leveraging Salesforce, they can efficiently manage resources and enhance their social impact.

During the early 2000s, Salesforce established a program to assist nonprofit organizations in adopting Salesforce solutions. The Power of Us Program provides free and discounted licenses to eligible nonprofit organizations. Aligned with Salesforce’s 1-1-1 model, which emphasizes community giving, Power of Us offers support in navigating the process of acquiring these licenses at no or reduced cost to kick-start their journey.

Which Salesforce QuickStart do you need?

We offer three QuickStart packages for nonprofit organizations. Whether you aim to enhance incoming funds management, cultivate relationships to boost funder and donor engagement, or streamline program management and project tracking, our solutions below empower you to prioritize what truly matters, with technology propelling your mission forward.

QuickStarts for Portfolio Management and Impact Measurement

Transform your logical framework into actions by centralizing program, operational, and impact data in one system. Set up logical frameworks, define indicators, track indicator targets and results, and visualize progress over time. Create programs and projects with implementation plans, track activities in Gantt charts, and monitor budgets and spending. Aggregate project and program data at local, regional, national, and global levels using Salesforce Report and Dashboard capabilities. Assess portfolio performance and share your results and impact with all key stakeholders.

Add-ons available: Experience Cloud and Incoming Institutional grants.

QuickStarts for Program Delivery

Plan, manage, deliver, and track your programs and services in one central location. Design programs, plan projects, and create sessions and schedules. Enroll participants, track attendance, and provide personalized participant experiences and assessments. Prepare reports on program success and project effectiveness, and share impact with funders and donors.

QuickStarts for Fundraising

Effectively manage your relationships with individual donors and institutional funders. Fundraisers can streamline their high-touch fundraising using the fundraising portfolio and donor profile features, use segmentation and source codes for mass market fundraising, and manage gifts with batch gift entry, designations, and soft credits.

Custom Configurable solutions for Grant
Management and Program Management

If you are looking for a bit more than a QuickStart Implementation, we offer comprehensive solutions for Funders, NGOs, and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Amp Impact

Amp Impact is a Salesforce-based solution for Portfolio Management, Grant Management, and Impact Measurement. It centralizes data for strategic planning, grant lifecycles, program/project management, monitoring and evaluation, resource planning, risk management, and budget/expenditure on a single, scalable platform.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking

NPC for Grantmaking equips grantmakers with the tools to manage their funding opportunities, streamline their application and review processes, and manage budgets, disbursements, and grantee reporting for active grants. Key features include a grantee portal template via Salesforce Experience Cloud, simplified budget planning and actuals reporting, and compliant data sharing to facilitate grantor/grantee collaboration.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Programs

NPC for Programs enables nonprofits to plan, manage, and deliver their programs and services. Key features include session and benefit scheduling, participant enrollment, case management, and attendance and benefit tracking. Bringing together program and case data allows program managers to provide personalized participant experiences, assess their impact, and prepare reports with donors and funders.

Vera Solutions Consulting and Managed Services

Leverage our expertise through Consulting Services to scale up from the start or keep your solution running with our experienced Managed Services team.

Salesforce Consulting Services

Learn what Salesforce is and how easy it is to get up and running with Salesforce Consulting Services. Our personalized approach to each client engagement ensures your unique organizational needs are met, by designing the right solution mix and implementation plan. We’ve helped over 420 clients across the globe unify data, improve processes, and gain insights into their impact.

Managed Services Packages

Focus on your mission, knowing your solution is in good hands with our Managed Services. We’ve built tailored packages to offer you the flexibility of choosing the right kind of support, based on your solution and internal team capacity. From basic support to custom development, the choice is yours.

Get in touch with Shyama today to start your transformation journey.

Driven by Customer Success

Your success is our success. We’re proud to have served over 40 clients across Asia.


Our Commitment to you

We’re committed to success and always strive to champion excellence within the social impact space. As a global team of passionate technologists and practitioners in the industry, we believe in collaborating closely across departments, building future proof systems that has a positive impact for our company, clients and the communities they serve.


Above all, we work to create positive social impact for our company, our clients, and the communities they serve.


We are committed to running our company in a sustainable manner, including minimizing and offsetting our carbon footprint.


We exhibit kindness, compassion, and empathy. We believe collaboration is key to success


We maintain a culture of top-notch performance and continuous improvement. We seek and provide growth-oriented feedback.


We have a culture of mentorship, respecting different leadership styles. We strive to be a global leader in technology for good.

Why Choose Vera as your digital transformation partner?

Founded in 2010 out of a collaboration with Grassroot Soccer, Vera is inspired by the organizations and individuals we work with – social sector professionals who crave more information that’s both reliable and easy to use. We aim to make their jobs easier, which we believe will not only contribute to a growing movement for greater transparency and accountability within the sector but will also lead to happier and more productive professionals.

With over 14 years of experience serving nonprofits, Vera Solutions has been a leader in developing program management and impact measurement solutions on the Salesforce Platform, while building expertise across a wide range of Salesforce Clouds (Sales, Service, Experience, Nonprofit, Analytics, etc).

Currently, over $12 billion of programs, grants, and projects advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals are managed using Vera’s flagship product, Amp Impact. Our team has extensive knowledge of the nonprofit sector and deep experience in delivering powerful, flexible, and sustainable solutions for a wide range of clients.

As a long-time Salesforce International Impact Partner and a Salesforce Consulting Partner, we’ve been dedicated to the Salesforce ecosystem for 14 years. With the growth of Amp Impact, Vera Solutions has also been recognized twice as’s Product Partner of the Year (2019, 2022), with a Partner Innovation Award (2021), and as a Salesforce Equality Partner. We are constantly on top of the Salesforce Platform’s latest features and enhancements and how they can be leveraged to support our clients’ missions.

Our experienced consultants bring a wealth of industry and technical expertise, ensuring that you receive reliable advice and solutions for your specific situation.


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