Amp Impact Partner Program Celebrates One Year with Continued Growth and New Milestones

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Over the last year, the Amp Impact partnership program has continued to grow through the partnership with Atwood Ventures and Vera Solutions. The initiative was formed to streamline the onboarding process, build momentum, and set the program up for growth. Over the summer we’ve seen massive progress through projects with new partners like Fluido and Waeg as well as more veteran partners like G-Company and Attain Partners. The product continues to see  high demand among UN agencies, international NGOs, and grantmakers around the world.

“We are happy with our investment in the refined Amp Impact partner program at Vera Solutions. We've seen sizable growth of new clients this year, and we are well positioned to continue to grow a large portfolio of enterprise impact measurement clients. We look forward to sharing the news of these amazing client successes in the coming months.”

Senior Director Strategic Growth - Attain, Susan Tobes Tweet

The program has some big ideas in progress for the coming quarters, with a growing focus on partner enablement. Vera is busy preparing new learning channels that include:

  • Amp Camp – A training curriculum for partners to expand their knowledge on the Amp Impact Product, learn more about the industry, and put their skills into practice
  • Enablement Sites (MyTrailhead) – Using the Salesforce online learning platform, Vera has successfully piloted its first self-paced Amp Impact learning journey aimed to help practitioners become Certified Amp Impact Administrators and build their confidence in implementing the product.
  • Customer and Partner Success – Hands-on learning and support with partners executing enterprise projects to ensure long-term, measurable project success.
Amp Impact continues to rapidly grow its recurring revenue and has grown from just one implementer (Vera) to thirteen partners operating across four continents. Attain Partners, based in the US, has seen incredible growth in the past year and we are excited to see some amazing joint case studies on their way in the next few months. As the program expands, Vera looks to team up with more like-minded partners across the Salesforce ecosystem. In the meantime, the number of Amp Impact customers continues growing and we remain focused on their success.

“It’s been incredibly satisfying to work with organizations like Attain Partners, who have a really deep understanding of the nonprofit sector and are consistently recognized for their customer success in the sector. Helping to develop how they go to market as part of the Amp Impact Partner Program has been rewarding and now to see some of the projects that will soon go live on the platform.”

Founder - Atwood Ventures, Chris Atwood Tweet
About Vera Solutions:

Vera Solutions is a Certified B Corporation providing Salesforce-based solutions for organisations to track their impact and streamline their operations. Vera’s flagship product, Amp Impact, is used to manage over $5 billion of international development programs across 150+ countries. The company has been recognized in the Forbes 30 Under 30, Real Leaders Impact Awards, Meaningful Business 100, and as’s 2022 EMEA Product Partner of the Year.

About Attain:

Attain Partners is a leading management, technology, and compliance consulting firm delivering services and solutions to advance client missions across the education, nonprofit, healthcare, and state and local government landscapes. Our clients are at the forefront of research and innovation, transforming the way we work, learn, communicate, govern, and live. We specialize in serving organizations across the public sector, including education, nonprofits, healthcare, and state and local governments and have worked with 70+ institutions, 150 non profits and implemented 900+ Salesforce projects.

Are you interested in joining the Amp Impact Partner Program? Please reach out to us to learn more about our services or joining our Partner Program.

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