Convening a Community of Change: Highlights From the Amp Impact Winter ’22 Summit

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Vera Solutions was proud to host our fourth (and third virtual) Amp Impact Summit in February. Amp Impact clients, partners, and staff from around the world gathered to participate in this four-hour virtual event – collaborating on the Amp Impact roadmap, engaging in discussions on best practices, and watching demos and presentations from customers using Amp Impact to advance their mission.

From Vera Solutions’ first Amp Impact Summit in 2018, we have remained committed to growing the Amp Impact community, collaborating with customers and partners to develop and strengthen the solution, and increasing opportunities for listening and learning.
Through the Winter ‘22 Summit, our global community had the opportunity to share feedback to shape the product’s future and engage with one another on a range of topics, from the evolution of monitoring and evaluation to building a data-driven culture. The Winter ‘22 Summit began with reflections on Amp Impact’s growth from Vera’s Zak Kaufman and Katrina Seidel as well as’s Sr. Area Vice President and Head of Sales for EMEA, Ivar Jansen. The summit continued with client spotlights featuring the Challenge Fund for Youth Employment, World Animal Protection, and Itaú Social. In between client spotlight sessions, the summit included roadmap sessions and peer learning discussions facilitated by Vera and partner team members.

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A Kickoff to the Summit: 5 Years of Amp Impact

To kick off the summit, Co-Founder and CEO Zak Kaufman and Director of Business Development Katrina Seidel reflected on the past five years of Amp Impact. From launching on the Salesforce AppExchange in 2017 to being used across 150+ countries with 8 implementation partners in 2022, Amp Impact’s footprint has expanded rapidly.

“It’s impressive to see the growth and maturitization of the partnership with Zak and team. [From] organizations like WHO and UNDP to humanitarian organizations and funders adapting technology and providing feedback so we become better together.”

Ivar Jansen, Area Vice President and Head of Sales EMEA Tweet

Client Spotlights

Vera was inspired to bring together organizations of different shapes and sizes to connect, share common challenges, and learn from each other. Three organizations presented on how they utilize Amp Impact in different ways:

1. Amp Impact for Grants Management with Challenge Fund for Youth Employment

2. Amp Impact for Project Management with World Animal Protection

3. Amp Impact for Indicator Management with Itaú Social

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Amp Impact Roadmap Highlights

Vera remains deeply invested in developing the product alongside our users to meet a wide range of impact measurement and portfolio management needs. In this session, Vera Solutions’ Gabi Espinoza and Zak Kaufman walked through the key highlights from the Amp Impact Gemini (Fall ’21) release and what’s on tap for upcoming releases. Participants then joined breakout groups to collaboratively brainstorm and prioritize features and enhancements for Amp Impact’s development. 

Peer Learning Sessions led by Industry Experts

The heart of the Winter ‘22 Summit included two hours of peer learning sessions facilitated by experts from g-company and Vera Solutions.

In breakout groups, participants discussed eight topics:

1.Amp Impact & Grants Management;

2. Evolution of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL);

3. Analytics and Data Visualization;

4. Long-term System Ownership and Governance;

5. Amp Impact & MEL;

6. Integrations;

7. Building a Data-driven Culture;

8. Amp Impact & Program / Project Management.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

“Seeing the diversity of applications, and that most of what we want in function has been implemented or at least discussed with others, progress seems much more achievable now than previously when we were in our silo of Excel nightmares alone.”

Amp Impact Winter Summit Attendee Tweet

Thank you to everyone who attended the Amp Impact Winter ‘22 Summit. Vera is honored to have the opportunity to convene such a unique community of changemakers across the globe in order to shape our product’s direction. To our Amp Impact customers and partners, look out for future opportunities to connect, share, and learn from one another as we continue to strengthen and grow Amp Impact and its community in the years ahead.

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About Amp Impact

Amp Impact is a Salesforce-based solution for portfolio management and impact measurement. Built on common needs observed during hundreds of digital transformation projects, Amp Impact enables NGOs, grantmakers, and multilateral organizations to trade in complex spreadsheets for a flexible, friendly, and integrated technology solution. Amp Impact helps organizations streamline workflow and data flow across offices and geographies. Amp Impact is now used in more than 150+ countries to manage data for over $4 billion in development programs and grants.

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