Amp Impact: Winter ’19 is Now Available

Amp Impact Winter 2019

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Vera has just released Amp Impact: Winter ’19 with new features and enhancements specifically designed to help organizations achieve their ongoing objectives and deliver better results.

Working with a variety of organizations globally, we’re continually hearing ways in which Amp Impact could further streamline portfolio management needs to amplify the impact of their unique social missions. These requests, originating from impact investors, funders, and international NGOs, help shape the roadmap of Amp Impact product enhancements.

Amp Impact helps grant-makers, implementers, and impact investors track the outcomes, performance, and cost-effectiveness of their grants, projects, and programs.

Introducing Implementation Plans and Activity Tracking

With Winter ‘19, we’ve put more power in users’ hands with Implementation Planning. Organizations can now create and manage implementation plans for projects and programs and track delivery of activities within the plan. Users can further manage and visualize these activities in Gantt charts, displaying planned versus actual start and end dates. Activities can be related to a project’s objectives, indicators, budget, and/or individual contacts, depending on an organization’s needs. Winter ‘19 also provides greater flexibility for users to customize the reporting frequency and disaggregation of targets for each indicator. For example, users can now set annual targets for an indicator while tracking quarterly results.

Spring '19 Sneak Peek: Strengthen Financial Intelligence

Amp Impact’s out-of-the-box functionality enables organizations to schedule and manage disbursements and leverage interactive graphs to monitor budget versus expenditure in real-time. We are deep in design for exciting new features that will help organizations strengthen financial intelligence with Amp Impact, including a Financial Excel Download/Upload feature, similar to Amp’s Results Download/Upload feature. This will allow organizations to download an excel template, enter budget/expenditure data, and upload it into Amp Impact’s structured data model for tracking financials.

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