Vera Solutions’ Co-Founder and CEO, Zak Kaufman recognized in Big Path Capital’s 2022 MO100 Top Impact CEO Ranking

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April 11, 2022 – This month, Big Path Capital unveiled its 2022 MO100 Impact Ranking, and Vera Solutions’ Co-Founder and CEO, Zak Kaufman, was honored to make the list. The list recognizes the 100 most impactful leaders sparking positive environmental and social change through the fast-growing private companies they run. 
The MO100, the first list of its kind, shines a spotlight on executives leveraging their position to create impact in the world. They represent a group of leaders sharing a new vision for the economic system, positioning impact at the center of their organizational purpose.  
“The 2022 MO 100 leaders demonstrate exactly the type of impact-focused leadership our world needs right now,” said Michael Whelchel, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Big Path, which connects purpose-driven companies and fund managers with mission-aligned investors. “Under their visionary guidance, the companies they lead are producing impressive financial returns, while also generating positive environmental and social impacts. We hope this ranking inspires more leaders to embrace the notion that purpose and profit are complementary.”
The 2022 list covers many industries and includes a wide range of companies, like Dr. Bronner’s, Vital Farms, Network For Good, d.Light, Ellevate Network, and Bridges Fund Management. 
“These CEOs highlight the new ideal of leadership in modern capitalism,” said Shawn Lesser, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Big Path. “The most important values of our generation, such as sustainability, social justice, and racial equity, will not arise on their own. These values must be planted and nurtured by individuals, exactly as these CEOs are doing. Transformation takes root at the individual level.”
Each CEO on the list shared a few reflections with Big Path Capital on topics like ‘what it means to be an impact leader’. 
“Being an impact leader means putting purpose over profit. By taking an impact-first approach, leaders send a message to their teams, their customers, and their communities that it’s possible to do well while doing good. This ethos has been a cornerstone of Vera Solutions’ growth and success over the years”, said Vera Co-founder and CEO, Zak Kaufman.
Read more of Zak’s reflections here.
View the full list here. 

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The MO 100 Awards Gala will be hosted on April 19th during the MO 2022 Summit, which takes place in Portland, Oregon. The Summit will focus on regeneration and innovating new rules for a new, more sustainable future. It will convene nearly 150 impact CEOs and will include panels, networking, and more.

About Vera Solutions: Vera Solutions is a global social enterprise and Certified B Corporation driven to amplify the impact of the social sector using cloud and mobile technology. Vera works with nonprofits, grantmakers, multilateral organizations, and social enterprises to deliver solutions that save them time, money, and headaches. Since 2010, Vera has served over 360 organizations, and Vera’s flagship product–Amp Impact–is now used in over 150 countries to manage and track the impact of over $4 billion of international development programs and grants. With services and products centered on the Salesforce Platform, Vera blends social sector and technical expertise to tailor flexible, scalable solutions that transform the way social impact organizations collect, manage, analyze, and utilize data.

About Big Path Capital: Big Path Capital is a leading investment bank for positive-impact companies and funds. With one of the largest networks of impact investors, Big Path has worked with more impact companies and funds than any other investment bank in the sectors. Companies and funds engage Big Path Capital for company exits, capital raises, and founder and shareholder liquidity. Big Path is proud to have been a certified B Corporation since 2007.

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