3 QuickStart Packages To Quickly Streamline Your Nonprofit Organization

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Nonprofit organizations are vital in tackling societal issues and fostering positive transformations. Yet, navigating the intricate operations of a nonprofit can often feel overwhelming. In addition to day-to-day operations in line with their missions and managing finances, many nonprofits rely on tools like Excel spreadsheets and Google Forms for collecting and managing data related to fundraising, donor engagement, program delivery, and impact measurement.

The Value of Digital Transformation for Nonprofits

While spreadsheets might be an initially cost-effective approach to support organizational activities and monitor progress, they can quickly multiply and complexify, requiring more time and effort to manage. Significant staff hours are consumed in pulling together data from multiple sources to generate reports needed by various stakeholders. Over the past 14 years, we’ve seen greater demand for sector accountability and transparency, requiring organizations to explore innovative solutions to streamline and automate their processes–from fundraising to program delivery to impact reporting.

This has resulted in the need to assess technology platforms and solutions, with nonprofits often choosing a quick fix rather than a scalable solution to support future demands. We’ve advised numerous organizations over the years and have compiled a helpful set of criteria for nonprofits to consider when assessing new technology options (10 Criteria to Evaluate when Choosing a New Technology).

What are Vera Solutions’ QuickStart for Nonprofits?

A QuickStart is a standardized system implementation designed for nonprofit organizations looking to manage their data and operations on a centralized, scalable, and innovative platform. Vera’s QuickStarts presents a budget-friendly solution for organizations to transition away from spreadsheets and swiftly adopt Salesforce. With Vera’s QuickStarts, organizations can establish themselves on Salesforce in as little as 6 weeks, jumpstarting the journey of streamlining their processes and enhancing their operations.

Why choose Salesforce?

Salesforce offers cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, with a suite of products for nonprofits to help organizations manage fundraising, grantmaking, program delivery, and outcomes. These products integrate with Salesforce marketplace apps (aka the Salesforce AppExchange) like Vera’s Amp Impact for portfolio and program management, project management, grant management, and impact measurement. Over 60,000 nonprofit organizations use Salesforce to manage funds and drive social impact more efficiently.

Nonprofit organizations looking to implement Salesforce products can apply for free and discounted licenses provided by the Salesforce Power of Us Program.

What Salesforce QuickStart Implementation Packages does Vera Solutions offer?

We offer three distinct QuickStart packages for nonprofit organizations. Whether your goal is to increase your funding, better engage donors, streamline program delivery, monitor impact, or bolster stakeholder communication, our solutions provide opportunities for you to refocus on what matters most, with technology supporting your mission objectives.

1. QuickStarts for Portfolio Management and Impact Measurement

Define your strategy and centralize program, operational, and impact data in one system. Develop logical frameworks, define indicators, track targets and results, and visualize progress over time. Manage programs and projects with implementation plans, monitor activities in Gantt charts, oversee budgets, and mitigate against risks. Create reports and dashboards to aggregate data across different levels to facilitate reporting.

2. QuickStarts for Program Delivery and Outcomes

Coordinate, execute, and monitor your programs and services from a central source. Develop programs, project plans, and session schedules. Register participants, monitor attendance, and offer personalized experiences and assessments. Generate reports on program achievements and project efficacy, and communicate impact to funders and donors. Learn lessons from our recent NPC for Programs Implementation blog.

3. QuickStarts for Fundraising

Enhance your management of relationships with individual donors and institutional funders. Simplify major donor fundraising and individual giving through fundraising portfolios and donor profiles. Utilize segmentation and source codes for mass market fundraising, and handle gifts efficiently with batch gift entry, designations, and soft credits.

How to Get Started with Vera Solutions’ Salesforce QuickStart Implementations

Implementing Salesforce may seem daunting, but QuickStart Implementations can simplify the process. Here’s a brief overview of what the implementation process will look like:

Choosing the right Salesforce QuickStart Implementation Partner

Nonprofit organizations have two specific challenges when choosing a partner to help their digital transformation journey. The first is finding a partner who understands their particular requirements for fundraising, grant management, program management, project delivery, and/or impact measurement. The second is ensuring their implementation partner can support the right technology solution selection. Other factors to consider have been outlined in this blog: 7 criteria to consider when selecting a Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consulting partner.

Why Choose Vera Solutions?

With over 14 years of experience working with nonprofits, Vera Solutions is a 5-time Certified B Corporation providing cloud-based solutions to manage portfolios and programs, optimize grant management, and measure impact. By building on the Salesforce platform, we provide flexible, scalable solutions that enable organizations to become more transparent, accountable, and effective. Vera Solutions is a Salesforce Equality Partner and has been repeatedly recognized as one of the world’s Top Impact Companies.

Having taken an advisory role in the development of the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud product suite, we have key insights and recommendations on where the new Salesforce NPC can add value and drive efficiencies for your organization.

Over $12 billion of programs, grants, and projects advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals are managed using Vera’s flagship product, Amp Impact. Having served hundreds of organizations, our team has extensive knowledge of the nonprofit sector and deep experience in delivering the right solutions for many organizations.

We also offer:

  • A large pool of highly skilled and experienced Salesforce Consultants, with over 300 active Salesforce certifications and counting
  • Experience successfully delivering over 1,000 projects in the social sector
  • More than 420 customers working in 150+ countries
  • A dedicated team located across 5 continents, covering more than 14 languages

As a Consulting Partner, we’ve been dedicated to the Salesforce ecosystem for over 14 years. With the growth of Amp Impact, Vera Solutions has also been recognized twice as Salesforce.org Product Partner of the Year (2019, 2022) and with a Partner Innovation Award (2021). As such, we constantly evaluate the Salesforce platform’s latest features and enhancements and how they can be leveraged to support our clients’ missions.

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