Driving Change with Purpose: Vera Solutions on Impact, Excellence, and Sustainable Leadership

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Vera Solutions aims to play a part in developing a social impact sector that is driven by transparency, accountability, and data-informed decisions. To help us achieve this vision, Vera has 5 central values that drive our work, our long-term strategy, and our week-to-week decisions. In this blog we dive deeper into our values, and share stories of how this translates into our daily working lives.

Impact - Focused on Real Change

Our core mission is to amplify the impact of the social sector through our work: advancing health, education, human rights, livelihoods, and environmental sustainability. We continually assess and adapt our initiatives to ensure they align with the evolving needs of our clients. More can be read about the impact that we create through case studies of our work.

“Impact is something that I see in every conversation with our clients. Working with a client to create a system that enables their field officers to do their work better and create impact on the ground is what Vera’s mission of “Amplifying the impact in the social sector through our work” means.”

Excellence - A Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We build and maintain a culture of exemplary performance that permeates our work. Excellence is the standard by which we operate. For us, it’s about relentlessly pursuing the highest standards in all our endeavors. We are not satisfied with “good enough”, we seek continuous improvement.

“Excellence for me means doing everything to the best of my abilities and ensuring the quality of our work is top-class. This means taking care in doing the little things right and keeping the perspective of all stakeholders in mind while we work, ensuring they get complete context on the task. One of the ways excellence at Vera is cultivated is through the bi-annual performance review cycles. The feedback and “feedforward” mechanisms encourage employees to strive towards continuous improvement.”

Sustainability: Balancing the Present and the Future

Sustainability at Vera not only encompasses environmental responsibility but also the long-term sustainability of our projects and the social impact sector. We design our systems to be future-proof and take time to document and disperse knowledge. Most importantly, we run the organization in a sustainable manner to ensure we can continue creating impact for a long time.

Project Manager Adalto Silva is a part of the Green Team at Vera, an internal team comprising diverse individuals from the different hubs of Vera. This group aims to build on existing practices and increase Vera’s corporate consciousness in considering the environment in every decision.

“Initiatives like the Green Team show that we take the value of Sustainability seriously. The Green team acts as the leaders of internal change towards sustainability with its formal initiatives like creating a company-wide e-waste recycling competition, piloting a sustainability report for one of the hub offices, and increasing environmental education through channels like the Vera-wide weekly newsletter.”

Teamwork: Winning Together

We recognize that collaboration and shared knowledge amplify our impact. Having such a diverse team, it is non-negotiable for us to exhibit kindness, compassion, and empathy towards each other. We value collaboration within our organization and with external partners, and work in partnership to achieve win-win-wins.

“At Vera, teamwork starts even before we start working in teams. Through assessments like the Clifton Strengths Finder, we invest time in self-exploration, which helps us understand each other’s strengths, leadership traits, and communication styles. This eventually translates to a culture of being empathetic in your communication and setting team mates up for success.”

Make an Impact with Us: Passionate about sustainability
and leadership? Find your role at Vera Solutions.

Leadership: Developing Future Leaders

Each individual has a different style of leadership. We foster leadership within our organization by cultivating and respecting every employee’s unique leadership style. There exists a culture of mentorship that helps in developing future leaders at Vera. We lead with transparency and accountability, acknowledging that leadership is about learning and growth. We are and intend to remain leaders in our space.

Vera provides an opportunity to every individual to build on their leadership skills. There are formal platforms like the Rising Leaders program – an annual leadership development initiative for emerging leaders from Vera’s global hubs to learn from each other, influence company goals, and build growth plans for continued development. On a more informal level, team members continuously mentor and encourage each other to step up in their roles on a regular basis, which also helps instill leadership skills.”


As we navigate the complex social impact sector, these values are our compass. Impact, Excellence, Sustainability, Teamwork, and Leadership guide us in our mission to shape a social sector grounded in transparency, accountability, and data-informed decisions.

If you are excited and energized by reading about our values, come join us!

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