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“Amp Impact functionalities align with the best practices in our field, making it immensely beneficial as we considered our own processes. The expertise and support provided by Vera consultants have been invaluable throughout the implementation and roll-out of FCA version of Amp Impact. Thanks to Vera expertise, we have not only streamlined our project management but also significantly improved our impact measurement capabilities. The ongoing support we've received has been instrumental in fine-tuning the system to meet our specific needs”.

Maija Granlund
Maija Granlund, Application Manager
Market Segment: iNGO
Thematic Area: Livelihood, Peace, Quality Education
Region: Global
Project Type: Amp Project Management and MEL,
Managed Services
Solutions Used: Amp Impact, OpenFn, Salesforce NPSP,

With Amp Impact and Salesforce, Finn Church Aid

  • Manages their data more effectively

  • Shares MEL reports and dashboards with internal and external Stakeholders

  • Streamlines program and project approvals

  • Streamlines processes such as audit logs and risk management

Overcoming System Challenges to Success Today

Finn Church Aid (FCA) provides emergency relief and long-term development programs worldwide, focusing on education, livelihoods, healthcare, and sustainable agriculture. They promote peacebuilding, gender equality, and advocacy, empowering communities to address humanitarian crises and build resilience. They had data collection from various sources and manual data aggregation performed at both the country and global levels. Vera Solutions worked with FCA to implement our flagship solution, Amp Impact for Strategic Framework planning. Thereafter, FCA worked with Vera Solutions to implement Managed Services – Salesforce Support to assist with day-to-day System Administrator troubleshooting (in line with agreed criticality escalation), build Reports and Dashboards, update email alerts and other minor automations, provide recommendations, execute proactive optimizations, and provide end-user training and documentation. This enabled FCA to focus on their mission, rather than back-office administration.

“Our vision is a world comprised of resilient and just societies where everyone's right to peace, quality education and sustainable livelihood has been fulfilled. Our mission is Action for Human Dignity. We base our work on human rights and international humanitarian law, norms, standards and principles.”

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