RefugePoint | Mobile Case Management SystemRegion: Africa and the Middle East
Organization Type: NGO
Vertical: Humanitarian
Solutions: Case Management, Offline Mobile Data Collection, Program Management
Products: Sales Cloud, Salesforce Platform, TaroWorks Mobile App


RefugePoint | Mobile Case Management SystemRefugePoint is focused on identifying and helping individuals, families and communities that are in extreme danger and have nowhere to turn. RefugePoint identifies needs and implements solutions for thousands of people whose struggle to survive would otherwise go unnoticed and unattended.

RefugePoint has assisted over 75,000 refugees to access resettlement-related services and has worked in partnership with others to guarantee access for thousands more. In Nairobi, RefugePoint reaches 10,000 refugees each year with essential information and an array of coordinated services to build stability and overall well-being. Read more about RefugePoint’s impact here.


Working in the hardest to reach areas of Africa and the Middle East, RefugePoint relied on inefficient tools, siloed processes, and disconnected systems to track data across refugee resettlement and self-reliance programs. RefugePoint sought a centralized database to manage, analyze, and utilize data across all program service model steps: Identification, Assessment, Stabilization, Empowerment, and Graduation.
“By using Salesforce and TaroWorks, we’re able to quickly identify areas of high performance and provide more targeted support where the data shows that there is a need.”
Director of Finance and Administration, RefugePoint
RefugePoint | Mobile Case Management System


Kenya Program Discovery and Design Workshop

In 2017, RefugePoint engaged Vera Solutions to support discovery, requirements documentation, and next step recommendations to streamline data collection and management of RefugePoint’s Urban Refugee Program in Kenya. This work was designed to support all case management phases, namely Identification, Assessment, Stabilization, Empowerment, and Graduation.

The 4-day in-person workshop held in Nairobi, Kenya enabled Vera Solutions to:
  1. Gather feedback and system requirements from RefugePoint staff, and review relevant RefugePoint-generated user stories and internal processes and operations;
  2. Review RefugePoint’s existing data systems to understand current usage and pain points;
  3. Educate staff on key Salesforce functionality and relevant 3rd party applications under consideration for the solution.
RefugePoint | Mobile Case Management System
RefugePoint | Mobile Case Management System

Mobile Case Management System

Beginning in early 2018, Vera Solutions and RefugePoint have used a phased approach to implement an integrated mobile case management system, using Salesforce and TaroWorks, a mobile offline tool. Once all phases have been implemented, the system will completely replace RefugePoint’s existing tools with a robust, centralized database that addresses the processes in all of RefugePoint’s case management phases: Identification, Assessment, Stabilization, and Empowerment. With the current functionality, RefugePoint M&E Officers can use mobile offline tablets to administer Self Reliance Measurement Tool (SRMT) assessments and access individual and household data in the field. When the information is synced to the organization’s centralized Salesforce system, RefugePoint can determine a household’s overall vulnerability through the SRMT score, and can assign a Case Manager to work with the household. Using the mobile case management system, Case Managers can meet with household members where they live and determine areas where support is needed. Case managers in the field can then assign internal referrals to deliver comprehensive services to help refugees keep their loved one’s safe; have a roof over their heads; put food on the table; enjoy better health; create a regular income; give their children an education and maintain hope for the future.

Salesforce Reports and Dashboards
Dashboard from RefugePoint's Case Management System on Salesforce
RefugePoint | Mobile Case Management System


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