Itaú Social

Itaú Social

Region: Brazil
Organization Type: Foundation
Themes: Education, Civil Society
Solutions: Monitoring & Evaluation, Attendance Tracking
Products: Amp Impact, Salesforce Experience Cloud
Itaú Social | Monitoring & Evaluation System

The Organization

Founded in 1993, Itaú Social is one of the largest organizations dedicated to improving the public education sector in Brazil. Its work involves training education professionals, strengthening civil society, and conducting research in the education sector. Partnering with the government, private sector, teachers, and civil society organizations, Itaú Social works to ensure that everyone can have access to quality education without limitations.

Itaú Social operates under two pillars: 1) Training of educational professionals and 2) Strengthening civil society. These pillars include programs across monitoring and evaluation (M&E), public education research, child literacy, volunteering, and more.

Itaú Social | Monitoring & Evaluation System

The Challenge

Itaú Social leads 12 programs, each with multiple projects and stakeholders across Brazil. While the organization has long been committed to monitoring and evaluating program results to inform program planning and decision-making, Itaú Social had multiple systems to monitor different programs, projects, and initiatives. Their internal staff had to spend hours manually pulling data, creating charts, organizing dashboards, and compiling spreadsheets to present program progress and organizational impact to the Board. Thus, Itaú Social sought a more efficient way to input, track, and measure their impact to simplify reporting as well as improve program design and delivery for participants.

The Solution

Centralizing Program and Impact Data with Amp Impact

Itaú Social began working with Vera Solutions in 2018 to design a centralized, cloud-based M&E system using Amp Impact, our packaged impact measurement and portfolio management solution on Salesforce. The new system enables Itaú Social to enhance data collection quality and efficiency across programs, improve data consistency at all levels of the organization, and significantly reduce the time and effort needed for impact reporting.

In early 2019, Vera Solutions began implementing a pilot M&E system for two of Itaú Social’s education programs. After a successful pilot project, Vera began to scale the solution to cover more than 100 projects across 12 different programs, making Amp Impact the central location for Itaú Social to input and access organization-wide M&E data. Program partners can now enter data themselves through an online, single-sign-on portal built using Salesforce Experience Cloud – freeing staff from having to manually receive and process all the data. Program partners can also use reports to view the accuracy and completion of their project details, improving the quality and accuracy of data.

Itaú Social | Monitoring & Evaluation System

Through Amp Impact, Itaú Social can compare all of their projects across a standard set of indicators. Vera Solutions collaborated with Itaú Social to build upon their customized indicators per program – from overarching indicators such as number of beneficiaries and constituents per geographic region to disaggregated indicators by gender and race. Program partners can select the relevant indicators from a catalog of indicators and enter in qualitative, binary, or quantitative indicators. After entering the data, the program partners can view the autosaved results as charts or results dashboards. The charts and graphs can easily be exported to share with external partners rather than having to manually create the charts and graphs themselves.

Attendance Tracking to Improve Learning Outcomes

One of Itaú Social’s most important functional requirements included the ability to enter and view attendance for school teachers who participated in Itaú Social’s Melhoria da Educação (‘Improvement of Education’) program. To accommodate this, Vera Solutions worked with the program team to design an Attendance Page within the system using a set of custom Salesforce Lightning components. This enables Itaú Social to assess the effectiveness of their training sessions in real-time and pivot decision-making as necessary. In the next phase, Vera Solutions will expand the usability of the attendance tracking page to other projects that can benefit from this functionality.

Itaú Social | Monitoring & Evaluation System
Capture individual-level data for training sessions

Shaping the Future of Brazilian Education with Data-informed Decisions

By implementing a central database for all of Itaú Social’s M&E data, Itaú Social no longer has to spend countless hours sorting through data. The organization now has access to all of their program data within a few seconds, rather than weeks. As a result, Itaú Social is freed to focus on what really matters – working to help every student achieve success in Brazil.

“Vera was a partner with great capacity for listening, analyzing demands, and proposing development solutions. They delivered fast service and clarity in communication.”

– Social Programs Analyst at Itaú Social

We continue to be inspired by Itaú Social’s extensive work to transform the future of education in Brazil. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Itaú Social to help them better measure and report on their impact.

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