Managed Admin Services for Justice Rapid Response

Managed Admin Services for Justice Rapid Response

Justice Rapid Response

“We’ve been working with Vera Solutions since 2016, as they adapted Salesforce Platform and Experience Cloud to help us manage data, interactions, and processes. Since then, we’ve been able to increase our deployment of legal experts, rather than focusing on systems administration, proactive analysis and solution support. We could not have done it without the technical experts at Vera Solutions.

After all, they know our solution best.”

Chris West

Chris West, Roster Manager

Market Segment: NGO
Thematic Area: Human Rights, International Criminal Law,
Justice and Accountability.
Region: Global
Project Type: Project Management, Monitoring and
Evaluation, Managed Services
Solutions Used: Salesforce Platform, Salesforce Experience Cloud

With Managed Admin Services, JRR:

● Has increased deployments by 184% from 2016 to 2022

● Uses 34 new dashboards giving greater insights into their

deployments, M&E, and recruitment efforts

● Can focus on their mission rather than managing technology


● Be more effective at deploying experts

Addressing initial challenges, aligning to the right service, provides benefits today, and enables planning for the future.


“JRR’s vision is that all victims and survivors of international crimes and serious human rights violations have access to justice, contributing to peaceful and inclusive societies.”

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