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‘’Amp Impact empowers us to keep our teams and donors informed, providing our entire organization seamless access to impact data across projects and programs. Consolidating all our data within a centralized platform facilitates effortless impact measurement of our achievements. Without a doubt, Amp Impact is the ideal choice for us.’’

Noor Abdulqaadir
Noor Abdulqadir, Executive Director
Market Segment: NGO
Thematic Area: Livelihoods, Education, Advocacy, Conflict
Resolution and Peace Building, Disaster Response, Women
Empowerment, Gender Equality
Region: Horn of Africa (East Africa)
Project Type: Monitoring & Evaluation, Project Management,
Strategic Planning
Solutions Used: Salesforce Platform, Amp Impact

With Salesforce and Amp Impact, HODI

  • Reduces time spent on manual data collection methods

  • Streamlines project reporting across a range of projects, each with unique reporting requirements

  • Gains a holistic overview of the organization and the ability to easily produce annual and quarterly reports

  • Has access to data in real time, including project performance

    metrics and expenditures

  • Ability to manage logframes, set targets, and seamlessly input


Addressing initial challenges, aligning to the right service, provides benefits today, and enables planning for the future.


"HODI's mission is to champion justice and development in the Horn of Africa through advocacy, education, peace building and sustainable livelihoods. Ultimately, we envision a democratic and peaceful society engaging in sustainable development."


Humanitarian Aid

World Bicycle Relief | Mobile Monitoring & Evaluation System

World Bicycle Relief

Education, Health, Economic Development, Gender Equality

Girl Rising

Program Management

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