Salesforce Summer ’24 Release: Our Top 4 Feature Highlights

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The latest Salesforce Summer ’24 Release is now available, with rollout planned for all organizations by June 14th 2024. This release brings a mix of updated and new features sourced from the Salesforce Idea Exchange, alongside expanded functionalities for the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud (NPC) suite, covering Fundraising, Programs, Case Management, and Grantmaking.
In this article, we’ll focus on four key highlights for Systems Administrators and dive into the NPC updates that we find particularly noteworthy and beneficial. Let’s explore these enhancements and how they can add value to your Salesforce experience.

What are the new Release features?

Our top picks include customizing the visibility of Tabs through new filters, seamlessly accessing summarized User Permissions, and enhancements to Addresses and Choices within Flows. Let’s explore these features in more detail:
This extends conditional visibility to use attributes like fields on the record or user permissions to dynamically show or hide tabs on a Lightning Record Page so it cuts down on the number of Lightning Record Pages you may need to manage. This feature will benefit any organization who needs different tabs on the same object visible to different users or in different circumstances (e.g. a pipeline opportunity vs a closed one).
This update will help in setting up Security & Sharing and troubleshooting during testing. It requires fewer clicks to review a particular User’s Permissions and Access.

3. Screen flows

a. Empower Users to Fill in Addresses More Quickly with the New Search Field in the Address Screen Component: This allows end users to search Google for addresses for quick selection in a screen flow, just like they can on an Account or Contact page.

b. Require User Input in the Address Screen Component: This feature equips admins with the ability to force a user to enter values for address fields before moving on in a screen flow.

c. Update Records Using the State and Country Codes Selected in Address Screen Components: This enables admins to map and use ISO codes instead of text names for States and Countries.

d. Update Choices on a Screen in Real Time with Reactive Collection Choice Sets: This allows a Flow to dynamically control which Choices are available based on values in other components on the same screen, cutting down the number of screens needed in your flow.

Salesforce NPC Updates:

The Summer ’24 release also includes some improvements in Nonprofit Cloud. Here’s a run-down of the key enhancements from Salesforce.

1. Fundraising

One of our favorite updates includes the addition of Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) scoring for better donor segmentation, reporting, and list building. Providing a better understanding of donor behavior, fundraisers can use RMF scoring to drive further support with targeted outreach in marketing campaigns. Other features for operational fundraising teams include the ability to generate personalized gift acknowledgments, add multiple addresses, create recurring gift entries, and update commitments in batches using the Business Process API.

2. Program Management

This release improves efficiency for fundraising operations by removing participants from multiple sessions at once, (previously limited to individual sessions). Another update introduces cohort grouping of program participants, enabling cohort analysis and individual participant progress. Other updates include a redesigned home page with quicker access to new referrals, program, and benefit snapshots which can be actioned directly from the home dashboard.

3. Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking

Updates that caught our eye include securely collaborating on grantmaking application sections to streamline the process to improve application quality, and easily adding grantmaking permission sets to simplify access management and enhance security. Additionally, tracking outcomes and indicator assignments at the funding opportunity level helps measure success, while tracking indicator performance periods for funding awards allows grantees to include progress toward their goals. These updates enhance teamwork, security, efficiency, and success measurement for nonprofits.


The Summer ’24 Release makes the life of Systems Administrators easier with quick access to user permissions, Tab display filters, and Flow enhancements. There are some interesting NPC functionality updates, opening up more features for Fundraisers, Program Managers, Case Managers, and Grant Managers.

Want to dive deeper? Check out the Salesforce Summer ‘24 Release Notes, and get in touch if you have any questions using our contact form.

Our team of Salesforce experts will be happy to assist you and provide further guidance.

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