Vera Teams up with Atwood Ventures to Accelerate the Amp Impact Partner Program

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Last month, Vera kicked off a new initiative in partnership with former Director and Founder of Atwood Ventures, Chris Atwood, to bolster the Amp Impact Partner Program. The Amp Impact Partner Program began last year, as Vera began forming partnerships with other Salesforce partners to implement Amp Impact. Notably, among the first partners of this initiative were Acumen Solutions (now a Salesforce company), Merkle, and g-company. As demand for Amp Impact grows, the Partner Program anticipates significant growth in 2022-2023, as demand for Amp Impact continues to rapidly grow with UN agencies, international NGOs, and grantmakers around the world.

“We’re incredibly excited to be working with Chris to strengthen this program, which is a key enabler for Vera’s growth in the coming years. We’ve had the privilege of working with Chris over the last nine years in his various capacities at, so he’s been able to hit the ground running thanks to his deep understanding of Vera, Amp Impact, our mission, and our overall value proposition.”

Zak Kaufman, Vera Co-Founder and CEO

As Vera prepares for rapid Partner Program growth in 2022, the collaboration with Atwood Ventures is focused on:

1. Defining the Partner Program’s strategy and priorities

2. Defining tiers/types of partners and key partnership targets

3. Refining and streamlining the partner onboarding process

4. Preparing Vera to more efficiently enable partners at scale

“I partnered with Vera Solutions to deliver projects when I was working at Salesforce and the opportunity to help to scale their Amp Impact Partner Program is especially meaningful. I’ve always enjoyed working with the incredibly smart Vera team and look forward to helping their clients solve some of the world’s toughest problems.”

Chris Atwood, Atwood Ventures Founder

In the last two years, Amp Impact has tripled its recurring revenue and grown from just one implementer (Vera) to nine partners operating across four continents. Strategic Integrators like Attain Partners, Exponent Partners, and Salesforce Professional Services have bolstered Amp Impact implementation capacity in the US, while partners like Merkle and g-company have so far led the way in Europe. As the program expands, Vera looks to team up with more like-minded partners to ensure the Salesforce ecosystem has sufficient Amp Impact implementation capacity across regions, languages, and verticals. In the coming years, in collaboration with its partners, Vera looks to grow the Amp Impact customer portfolio to hundreds of organizations around the world, helping them better manage their portfolios of programs, projects, and grants on Salesforce.

About Amp Impact

Amp Impact is a 100% native Salesforce solution for portfolio management and impact measurement. Since being launched on the Salesforce AppExchange in 2017, Amp Impact has been used to manage over $3 billion of development programs and grants in over 100 countries.

About Atwood Ventures

Chris Atwood founded Atwood Ventures to offer consulting services on sales strategy and sales process design to social businesses and Salesforce partners. Chris worked for over a decade for Salesforce, and now, through Atwood Ventures, brings that deep expertise and assurance to understanding and unpicking clients’ needs to develop and grow their sales through processes that future-proof their business.

Want to better manage your portfolio of programs, projects, and grants? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can assist you with your program and grant management needs.

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