Webinar Recording: Tools and Best Practices to Identify, Manage, and Mitigate Risk

WEBINAR: Tools and Best Practices to Identify, Manage, and Mitigate Risk

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Introducing Amp Impact's new Risk Module

The world is unpredictable. However, the philanthropic market is not structured to deal with the unexpected. No industry standards currently exist for discussing, assessing, or planning for risk in philanthropic investments – specifically obstacles that could prevent a project or organization from achieving the desired social impact. Few funders assess this kind of risk during the grant application process, and even fewer have processes in place to monitor and respond to such risks once a project is underway.

Without taking steps to accurately identify, understand, and manage risk, foundations are failing to maximize their chances of success. By integrating risk management into existing grantmaking processes, functions, and routines, foundations can not only reduce risk but in doing so, maximize and ensure impact.

In this webinar, Vera Solutions’ Zak Kaufman and Open Road Alliance’s Maya Winkelstein discuss the current gaps in evaluating risk and how to address them using the right tools, templates, and best practices. Plus, don’t miss our live demo of Amp Impact’s new Risk Module, built in collaboration with leading grantmakers, offering a robust risk management solution on Salesforce to identify different types of risk, monitor risk in relation to objectives/goals, and develop and track the completion of mitigation strategies.

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