Amp Impact ‘Bellatrix’ Release: IATI Data Publishing, Risk Management, and Improved Grantee Reporting

Amp Impact ‘Bellatrix’ Release

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Amp Impact Bellatrix, the third release of 2019, is now available with trailblazing new features and enhancements for streamlined data sharing and risk management. We’re especially proud of the collaboration efforts that went into this release, including guidance and support from existing Amp customers and the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) for data publishing and from Open Road Alliance and a consortium of foundations for risk management.

Read on to learn more about how Amp Impact’s latest release can help your organization share data, mitigate risks, and amplify accountability through the following new features and enhancements:

  • IATI Data Publishing: Generate XMLs to publish data to the IATI registry

  • Risk Management: Identify, monitor, mitigate, and evaluate risks
  • Enhanced user-experience for impact and financial reporting

Create and Publish IATI Data Files

International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) is a global initiative to improve the transparency of development and humanitarian resources and their results to address poverty and crises. IATI encourages organizations to collect and publish information about their development and humanitarian activities to the IATI Registry using a data standard and widely-accepted framework.

With this release, organizations can use Amp Impact to generate IATI XML files using the IATI Organisation and IATI Activity standards, which can be published to the IATI Registry.
IATI Data Publishing | Amp Impact
IATI Data Publishing | Amp Impact
IATI Data Publishing | Amp Impact
For more information about the IATI Registry and how to use the data standards, please visit IATI’s website.

Risk Management: Identify, Monitor, Mitigate, Evaluate

In our blog, Addressing the IMP’s five dimensions of impact using Amp Impact, we demonstrated how Amp Impact’s Submissions functionality (released in 2018) allows users to evaluate Risks by creating a Impact Risk Assessment template, assigning assessments, and reviewing/scoring them.

Watch our recent webinar with Open Road Alliance on Tools and Best Practices to Identify, Manage, and Mitigate Risk.

With help from the Open Road Alliance, a philanthropic initiative serving to “keep impact on track in an unpredictable world”, we’ve now added a Risk Management module into Amp Impact to track and manage risks that could impede the impact of an organization’s projects or grants. In addition to charitable grants and loans, Open Road promotes the long-term, sector-wide adoption of better risk management practices, providing tools, templates, and best practices for risk management.

  • Identify different types of risk you may face and assess their probability and potential for impact
Risk Management | Amp Impact
Risk Management | Amp Impact
  • Monitor risk assessments and assign them to individual team members and/or related to particular objectives/goals
  • Determine mitigation strategies and track their completion
Risk Management | Amp Impact
  • Visualize this risk information and evaluate how it was managed
Risk Management | Amp Impact
Risk Management | Amp Impact

Enhanced Grantee Reporting Experience

We have made enhancements to make the user experience more streamlined for grantees, implementation partners, program officers, and others Community Users to report qualitatively and quantitatively on impact and expenditure in a Salesforce Community!

A user simply navigates to the relevant reporting period record (e.g. from a tab in the Community or from a link in an email alert). Then he/she can navigate between tabs on the single page to enter indicator results, complete a narrative report, upload updated financials, and upload files.
Risk Management | Amp Impact
Risk Management | Amp Impact
Risk Management | Amp Impact

For Existing Amp Impact Customers

Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information or refer to the upgrade instructions.

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