Impact Frameworks and Standards

Amp Impact Introduces Click-based IATI Publishing to Salesforce

Amp Impact Introduces Click-based IATI Publishing to Salesforce

International development and humanitarian organisations using Amp Impact can now publish their data to IATI with a few clicks. Here’s why this feature is a game-changer. With Amp Impact’s Bellatrix release last November, users can export XML files from the app … Read More

Impact Management Project (IMP)

Addressing the IMP’s five dimensions of impact using Amp Impact

Background Vera Solutions has designed and built Amp Impact based on 8+ years and 50+ implementations of portfolio-level impact management systems (not to mention 150+ related implementations tracking individual program- or enterprise-level impact). As a Certified B Corp, Vera is … Read More

9 Themes of Impact Responsibility

9 Powerful Insights from’s ‘Impacting Responsibly’ Report

On May 22, released Impacting Responsibly: a collection of articles written by data-focused influencers to help social sector organizations collect, interpret, and apply impact data responsibly, created in partnership with Candid (formerly Guidestar), the Urban Institute’s Center on Nonprofits … Read More