Amp Impact

Amp Impact Indus

Amp Impact Indus: Powerful New Features for Indicators, Targets, Results, and more

Our latest Amp Impact Release – Indus – contains powerful new features for indicators, targets, and results, allowing for quicker performance, greater data volumes, and a cleaner and more consistent user interface. Users can now set targets across multiple periods … Read More

Amp Impact Hercules: New Resource Management Functionality and Risk Management Enhancements

The Amp Impact Winter ‘22 Release–Hercules–is here, and with it, some foundational improvements to strengthen the product’s workplanning and risk management modules. Amp Impact’s Fall ’21 Gemini release introduced powerful Skip Logic functionality which can be defined on Questions and Sections in … Read More

Amp Impact Gemini: Powerful New Skip Logic, Framework Cloning, and UX Enhancements

Amp Impact Gemini, the product’s Fall ’21 release, brings users powerful new Skip Logic functionality in Submissions, the ability to copy Objectives and Indicators from other Frameworks, and numerous UI/UX enhancements. With the Summer ’21 Fornax release, among various other … Read More

Amp Impact Fornax: Robust Fund Management, New Data Visualizations and Increased UI Flexibility

Amp Impact Fornax – the product’s Summer ‘21 release – offers users greater data visualization capabilities, increased UI flexibility, and the enhancement of key modules including Work Planning and Fund Management. With the Winter 21’ Electra release, Logframes and Work … Read More

Amp Impact Electra: Powerful new functionality for Work Planning and Logframes as well as key UX enhancements

Amp Impact Electra: Powerful new functionality for Work Planning and Logframes and key UX enhancements

Amp Impact Electra, the product’s Winter ‘21 release, brings powerful new functionality to strengthen work planning and logframe management, provides greater flexibility to use Amp Impact’s features on any Salesforce object(s), and adds key enhancements to continue strengthening the product’s … Read More

Amp Impact Delphinus Release

Delphinus Release Highlights: New Grant Applications and Reviews Module and Revamped Indicator Management

Amp Impact Delphinus, the product’s Summer ‘20 release, launches huge new features and enhancements for implementers and grantmakers. The most exciting addition is the Grant Applications and Reviews Module, a packaged set of functionality that helps streamline and automate the … Read More

ANDE Workshop: Using Technology to Monitor Programs and Amplify Impact

Workshop Recap: Using Technology to Monitor Programs and Amplify Impact

Last month, Vera Solutions co-led ANDE East & Southeast Asia Metrics Learning Lab Series #3: From Inputs to Insights – Using Technology to Monitor Programs and Amplify Impact. Read a recap of the workshop, including an overview of the 4 … Read More

Impact Management Project (IMP)

Addressing the IMP’s five dimensions of impact using Amp Impact

Background Vera Solutions has designed and built Amp Impact based on 8+ years and 50+ implementations of portfolio-level impact management systems (not to mention 150+ related implementations tracking individual program- or enterprise-level impact). As a Certified B Corp, Vera is … Read More

Amp Impact Aquila Release

Amp Impact Aquila Release: Capture financial data in Excel, update Logical Framework items, and more

The second Amp Impact release of the year is now live! Named Aquila ⁠— after the constellation that represents eagles delivering lightning to Zeus – the latest Amp Impact release provides users with new features and enhancements to: Download/upload … Read More


Vera Solutions named 2019 EMEA ISV Partner of the Year

Vera Solutions is honored to be named’s 2019 EMEA ISV Partner of the Year! Special thanks to the team, the partners, the AEs and SEs, and especially the early adopters who have helped get Amp Impact to where it … Read More