Celebrating Women: The BOMA Project

BOMA Project | 2011

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We’re wrapping up our weeklong celebration of International Women’s Day by highlighting the work of The BOMA Project, one of our partner organizations based in Kenya. The BOMA Project assists women working to achieve financial security.

The BOMA Project’s high-impact savings and entrepreneurship training program serves ultra-poor women from Northern Kenya’s drought-threatened arid areas. BOMA implements an innovative two-year poverty graduation program that provides cash grants, sustained training in business skills and savings, and hands-on local mentoring to business groups of three women. Since their inception, the organization has helped launch over 2300 micro-enterprises which, on average, have have helped participants to double their household income.

In partnership with The BOMA Project, Vera designed a system to systematize and streamline data collection, allowing for better monitoring of individuals, businesses, savings groups and mentors. The application tracks BOMA’s business groups, the grants to those business groups, training sessions, and financial transactions. The switch from a paper-based data system to Salesforce has enabled BOMA staff to better use the information they collect to analyze and improve their programs.

Want to contribute to this worthy cause or learn more? Check out BOMA’s work here.

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