‘’Hiring Vera Solutions was very important for the successful implementation and maintenance of Salesforce in our organization. They know how to translate our needs into the design of our solution, with the right configurations and integrations, which gave us the optimal implementation fundamental to optimizing our work. The team of employees deserves special mention, as they are always very helpful, friendly and extremely competent.’’

Thaís Rodrigues
Thaís Rodrigues, Operations Coordinator
 Market Segment: NGO
 Thematic AreaSocial Investment, Philanthropy
 Region: Brazil
 Project TypeSalesforce CRM
 Solutions UsedSalesforce NPSP, Mailchimp, OpenFn,
 G Connector, Formstack

With Salesforce, GIFE

  • Streamlined management on a unified platform for enhanced data collection, analysis, content dissemination, and decision-making

  • Effective cultivated relationships with partners, public sector liaisons, and civil society, serving over 170 associates who collectively contribute more than R$ 5 billion per year in social investment

  • Implemented projects aimed at strengthening and spreading best practices for private social investment

Addressing initial challenges, aligning to the right service, provides benefits today, and enables planning for the future.


“GIFE's mission is to improve and disseminate concepts and practices of the use of private resources for the development of the common good.”

ActionAid Brazil

Environment, Gender Equality

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network

Social Impact Investment



Salesforce Platform, Amp Impact

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