4 Ways to Leverage Salesforce Managed Services for Custom Code Development

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In our client Consulting and Managed Services engagements, organizations often seek ways to optimize their Salesforce deployments without diving into extensive, complex projects. While platforms like Salesforce offer powerful low code no code tools such as flow builder, (We love Flow!), they may lack the flexibility required for niche functionality and can be difficult to maintain and scale the more complex they become.

However, embracing a strategy of small-scale, custom code development can bridge this gap, offering tailored solutions without the overhead of large-scale endeavors. At Vera Solutions, we understand the importance of efficient development and offer streamlined processes to maximize value delivery with our Managed Services offerings.

Small-Scale Projects: A Path to Swift Value Realization

Small-scale development projects, characterized by their clearly defined scopes and objectives, offer a viable pathway for organizations seeking to enhance their Salesforce investment without the commitments and expense associated with more complex projects. By focusing on well-defined custom development projects, organizations can achieve meaningful improvements in a shorter time frame, thus realizing quicker time to value and process efficiencies.

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A Lean Approach to Project Management

1. Initial Consultation

The first step involves a high level Managed Services consultation to understand the specific needs and objectives of the project. This phase is designed to outline a clear and focused strategy that aligns with the organization’s goals, laying the foundation for a successful project.

2. Rapid Requirements Development

Following the consultation, the next step is the swift development of project requirements under our Managed Services. This blueprint serves as a roadmap, guiding the project from inception to completion, ensuring a streamlined process that avoids bureaucratic delays and focuses on clearly defining requirements and definition of scope before development begins.

3. Efficient Implementation

In this phase, a significant portion of the investment is channeled directly into development time. By minimizing overheads, this approach ensures that the project progresses swiftly, with solutions that are aligned with the business goals being implemented efficiently. The Service Delivery Analyst will manage the deliverables and the timelines.

4. Quality Control

Even after the project goes live, Managed Services support is provided to ensure that the Salesforce platform adapts and evolves in line with the dynamic business environment, thus maintaining its edge without necessitating frequent adjustments. All code is analyzed thoroughly to ensure coding, durability, security and scaling complexity follow best practices.

Use Cases Illustrating the Efficacy of the Approach

Custom Components

Developing custom components using Managed Services Engineering Support for different modalities allows for a more responsive and tailored user experience and can overcome some of the limitations of the standard flow components. These enhancements address specific business requirements, delivering targeted solutions quickly.

Basic Integrations

This use case involves the integration of third-party services or tools into the Salesforce platform. This approach ensures smooth operations, avoiding the complexities associated with phased developments. These can be point to point integrations or more complex integrations utilizing an integration platform such as OpenFN.

Custom User Interface

Does your experience cloud site require pixel perfect customization to support your corporate brand strategy? This can be accomplished by creating custom themes and components for your Experience Cloud site. Utilizing custom components, style sheets and branding sets your experience cloud site to seamlessly integrate into your existing site.

The Strategic Advantage of Small-Scale Projects

Focusing on small, clearly defined projects offers a strategic advantage in the enhancement of your Salesforce investment. By adopting a lean approach that emphasizes swift, effective development (as part of Managed Services – Engineering Support), organizations can realize significant benefits in a shorter time frame, thereby achieving quicker value realization. This strategy, stands as a pivotal pathway for organizations aiming to innovate and excel in their respective domains.

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