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Vera Solutions takes pride in its commitment to fostering a supportive work environment. Among the many advantages of working with us, one standout perk is the opportunity to embark on a paid sabbatical after completing three consecutive years of dedicated service. This sabbatical program is a testament to our commitment to our employees’ well-being and growth.

During their sabbatical, our employees are encouraged to explore their passions, interests, and personal development goals. Whether it’s traveling to new places, pursuing further education, volunteering for a cause close to their hearts, or simply taking time for self-care, the sabbatical is a chance for our team members to invest in themselves.

This time away from the daily grind allows our employees to return to work feeling energized, inspired, and ready to contribute their best to Vera Solutions. We believe that a well-rested and motivated team is essential for achieving our mission and continuing to provide outstanding service to our clients and partners.

Benefits of the program

We have found that implementing a sabbatical program has offered a range of benefits to both employees and the company. Here are some of the key benefits we’ve seen:

  1. Employee Well-being and Mental Health: Our sabbatical program provides employees with a chance to rest, recharge, and rejuvenate, while preserving their job during their leave. This time away from work can help improve employee well-being and mental health.
  2. Skill Development and Personal Growth: Sabbaticals can be used for skill development or pursuing personal interests. Our employees have engaged in activities that contribute to their personal and professional growth, including foreign language lessons and professional certifications. The fact that our core sabbatical period is paid allows staff to invest in their own growth and development.
  3. Talent Attraction and Retention: We believe this benefit sets us apart from other employers, especially in the eyes of applicants who value work-life balance and personal development. This program also promotes and rewards retention of key individuals.
  4. Improved Company Culture: We put our money where our mouth is – having a paid sabbatical program in place demonstrates that Vera values its employees’ overall well-being and encourages a supportive company culture.
  5. Renewed Energy and Productivity: After a sabbatical, employees return to work with renewed energy, focus, and productivity, which positively impacts their contributions to their team and clients.

Here’s what our Verites experienced during their sabbaticals:

“After seven years at Vera, I was able to take a real break from work for three months. The first two months were with my wife and two children. We did a road trip covering more than 4,000 km visiting wonderful beaches in the Northeastern part of Brazil, finally taking one flight and spending a few days in the Amazon! I had plenty of time to read, dance forró and reflect about many things related to life, except work. Now, back to my day-to-day activities at Vera, I feel refreshed and ready for a new cycle!”
Alan Guedes
“The mini-sabbatical was an immense gift! I spent the majority of the time back home in Washington State doing some of my absolute favorite things; enjoying time with family and friends I rarely get to see, sailing, cooking/baking, gardening, swimming, reading and hiking.”
Vera Solutions Team. Vera Solutions Employee. Investment Management Consultant. Tech Solutions Consultant. Grant Manager Consultant. Data Managment Consultant. Cloud-computing consultant. Program Management Consultant. Impact Measurement Consultant. Impact Analysis Consultant. Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant. M&E consultant.
Lucia Thesen
Solutions Architect
“For the past three months, I embraced my time in the slow lane with one intention—to be unreasonably delighted by ordinary things. I found myself celebrating loved ones in big ways, harvesting dahlias, playing with words, and playing with cedar, summiting mountains, embracing lingering sunsets, cruising open waters; in the Alps, on Puget Sound, on wedding dance floors, and around a whole lot of tables. While I embraced my time in the slow lane, I’m excited to be back and tackle new challenges with a fresh perspective and continue to learn how to fight for the best in people. It's a gift to be at a workplace that easily delights in each other and the unique perspective we each bring.”
Katrina Seidel
Katrina Seidel
Director of Business Development
“My 8 week mini-sabbatical was an unforgettable experience! I got the opportunity to take a step back from work and my daily routine, and embrace the feeling of “switching off” fully. The highlight of my sabbatical was my trip to Portugal! I read books, traveled, went kayaking, and spent some quality time with friends and family that I don’t see often due to distance. I returned to work feeling refreshed and grateful. Above all, my amazing colleagues handled my work in my absence with such grace and helpfulness. My sabbatical was an absolute treat!”
Lauren Kawalsky | Vera Solutions
Lauren Kawalsky
Senior Recruitment Coordinator

If you’re considering joining our team, rest assured that your hard work and dedication will be rewarded with not only career growth opportunities but also the chance to recharge and explore your passions through our sabbatical program. We look forward to welcoming you to Vera Solutions and supporting your journey of personal and professional growth.

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