Vera Solutions Joins

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We are delighted to announce that we have joined as a Founding Member in December 2023.

With technology, we can accelerate incredible change at scale, which matters to our society and world. As a sign of our understanding that not all outcomes accelerated by technology are equal, we’ve joined The technology industry must understand the way technology can contribute to extremism and work to oppose extremism in all its forms.

We must find ways to ensure that technology does not accelerate outcomes that harm democracy, liberties, and rights. utilizes the Southern Poverty Law Center Extremist Files, specifically the Extremist Groups list, and asks members to pledge not to work with, support, or enable any of these organizations with technology products or services.

By joining this movement, Vera is making a promise to our customers, especially those who prioritize democracy and social justice in their work, that our products and services will not be used to advance the work of extremist groups. While the movement’s initial focus is on the United States, Vera’s commitment to opposing extremism is a global one. 

We recognize there is much more that companies can do to combat extremism, and that’s why we have joined forces with We encourage other businesses to join us on this journey – together we can form a community of leaders who firmly oppose enabling extremism. We believe that through collaboration and shared knowledge, we can proactively integrate measures to screen for extremism into our processes, platforms, and services in a positive way.

We encourage social impact organizations to inquire about membership when assessing our software and services.

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