Vera Welcomes 150th Client

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A woman who has been able to open a car wash business through group loans. She is the first woman to operate such a business in this culturally conservative area.

This month, Vera celebrates welcoming our 150th client, The Horn of Africa Development Initiative (HODI). HODI is an NGO devoted to improving lives in Marsabit, a remote region of Northern Kenya. Their programs tackle the consequences of growing severity and frequency of conflicts, cyclic droughts, and human rights violations. HODI also focuses much of their programming on women and girls, empowering adolescent girls through football and administering a women’s group savings program. Vera will work with HODI to build a system to track and manage savings and loans distributed through their Enhancing Community Resilience Program, which supports +300 women each year.

It’s been an amazing five years getting to know 150 inspiring client organizations. We’ve learned and grown with each and every one of you. To the next 150!


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