Women Win – Using Salesforce to Monitor and Evaluate Girls’ Empowerment Programs

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This story was originally published online by the Salesforce Foundation. Vera has worked with Women Win over the last two years to implement and support its Salesforce-based monitoring and evaluation system, which is now being used by more than 30 partners around the world.

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Women Win is an internationally recognized center of excellence on gender and sport that supports adolescent girls in exercising their rights through sport. They operate in more than 25 countries and directly impacted over 25,000 girls with sport and life skills programs in 2014 alone, ultimately cascading to communities and societies at large. Women Win is therefore most effective as a cross-pollinator of impactful strategies, resources and tools. Women Win is driven by and committed to meaningful collaborations, evidence and outcome-based approaches and sharing the learnings and successes from the genius of their partners in the field.

Using Salesforce, the organization collects, stores, manages and analyses program and participant data on a global scale to track and evaluate the impact they are making. Since moving to Salesforce, Women Win has been able to transition from financial and narrative reports to interactive dashboards and detailed data analysis to establish and promote collective impact.

Collecting Data in the Field

“We used to work with financial and narrative reports to gather information and evaluate programs,” said Manu Wildschut, Impact Manager at Women Win. “To prove and improve our work and programs, we wanted to progress to a more collective, interactive and effective way to store, manage and analyze data efficiently. Salesforce provides a user-friendly platform and database that allows both Women Win and our partners in the field to better manage, store and analyze a much broader range of data for better results. This has led to very positive and successful outcomes. Our program partners can make informed and evidence based decisions through intuitive and interactive reports and dashboards in Salesforce. As an organization, we are better able to learn, share and demonstrate the collective impact of all gender-sensitive sport and life skills programs.”

Alan Guedes, M&E and Database Manager at Women Win, explains how he is using data analysis: “Our partners are able to enter data in the system just a few moments after activities take place in the field with the girls. Dashboards and reports instantly produce relevant information for the organization as well as for Women Win to prove and improve the programs. With Salesforce we were able to build the Monitoring and Evaluation system that we had hoped for, helping us measure the impact we have on the girls we work with around the world.”

Proving and Improving our Mission

Women Win believes that by providing girls with high quality sport programs and key life skills and information, they can improve the condition of girls, and deliver a positive and measurable impact. By demonstrating their collective impact, they are afforded the opportunity to bring exponential returns in addressing some of the world’s most complex, omnipresent issues such as girls’ access to rights, health and education.

“We feel that sport can offer a girl a place to develop skills and knowledge that translates into life off the field; how to assert herself, use her voice, make decisions, and call the shots. In short, her wins on the field translate into wins off the field.” Manu Wildschut.

“Understanding the realities of girls is an important step in designing appropriate and meaningful interventions. Gathering information directly from girls and women about their knowledge, attitudes, and aspirations is essential for developing and delivering high quality programs that meet their needs”, says Alan Guedes. “Women Win recognizes the need to learn more about and from young women themselves in order to effectively design and support successful programs. Therefore we appreciate the need for high quality data, collected and analyzed in a systematic process to inform program design. Salesforce has proven to be an excellent tool for this and the Salesforce Foundation has helped us to achieve the best possible results in a short time.”

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