Region: Global

Sectors: Human Rights, Criminal Justice

System: Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Stats: 680+ experts, 110 nationalities, 95 languages, 140+ missions


Still from JRR – UN Women film “Evidence of Hope” (JRR/UN Women, 2017)
Justice Rapid Response (JRR) helps the international community confront international crimes and serious human rights abuses by rapidly deploying highly-specialized, diverse criminal justice, and human rights professionals to areas in crisis around the world. Since JRR began operating in 2009, the number of professionals in JRR’s roster has grown to nearly 700 experts, who are rigorously evaluated and vetted from over 50 professional categories and more than 100 nationalities. JRR, in collaboration with the Institute for International Criminal Investigations, leads intensive recruitment courses to ensure experts are prepared to work professionally across cultural contexts, without re-traumatizing victims. So far, JRR has sent experts on over 135 missions.


In its early years, as JRR’s Expert Roster expanded, its staff had to dedicate increasing amounts of time to roster management. Before working with Vera, JRR staff manually pulled nomination and expert data out of emails and attachments and entered it into an Excel document. The growing, unwieldy spreadsheets increasingly inhibited JRR’s ability to efficiently conduct its daily operations.


Still from JRR – UN Women film “Evidence of Hope” (JRR/UN Women, 2017)
Vera designed a Salesforce-based application that automates JRR’s processes and better tracks its growing roster of experts, missions, and deployments around the world. The application serves as a repository for all JRR experts, in which each expert is segmented and tagged based on education, employment, language, references, and any other categories used by JRR. The application’s dynamic searching functionality allows administrators to easily locate and pursue relevant experts according to a specific criteria.

Vera also worked with JRR to design a Salesforce Community to allow experts to access and maintain their own profiles and data within the larger application, enabling staff to respond to a greater volume of investigation requests in less time. Further, the customized Salesforce solution has improved JRR’s management of nominations for participation in courses that are used by JRR to recruit new experts on the roster — the Recruitment Coordinator can now more efficiently evaluate who is requesting, attending, observing, and facilitating these recruitment courses. By streamlining roster selection processes, expert updates, and recruitment on the roster, the new application has freed up additional time for the system administrator and other staff to devote to other projects and processes in support of JRR’s mission.

“Vera had a key role in adapting the system to the various needs of JRR. The result is a truly unique and powerful tool for managing data, interactions and processes. It also provides ways for us to evaluate our work, so as to better measure lasting impact JRR experts are having around the world.”

System Administrator, Justice Rapid Response
Key Features: Real-time data reporting and visualization, Process automation, Community Cloud, Chatter, Streamlined UI



Environment, Health, Livelihoods




Elton John AIDS Foundation, a Vera Solutions client whom we’ve helped manage their data and programs.

Elton John Aids Foundation


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