Region: Global

Sectors: Environmental Sustainability, Health, Livelihoods

System: Project and Grant Management

KPIs: Since launching their new system, Pact has tracked 5,000 grants and local subgrants. As a result of this work, 2.5 million people have improved access to health care and social service and 1.1 million people have increased access to income.


Pact Inc. is an international non-profit that works in over 40 countries to improve the lives of the world’s most underserved populations across thematic areas including health, livelihood, natural resource management, and capacity development. Founded in 1971, Pact has provided 2.5 million people with improved access to healthcare and social services and 1.1 million with increased income. Pact works to build sustainable solutions by partnering closely with local organizations and governments.


For several years, Pact oversaw its grant management process through a disparate combination of email, spreadsheet, and database protocols. The organization faced challenges acquiring essential information regarding projects, opportunities, and organizational contacts and struggled to answer high-level questions. Pact sought a system to tighten approval procedures and ease the administrative burdens on headquarters staff.


In 2015, Vera started working with Pact to develop a user-friendly grant management system on Salesforce to manage the hundreds of grants they fund each year. With managing staff dispersed around the world, the new, cloud-based system created a central location for grant managers at both the local and international level to collaborate throughout the approval process. Utilizing key automation features, Vera designed the system in a way that allowed decision-makers to review the stage of each contract and analyze length of time between stages, passing information effortlessly between country offices and Pact headquarters. Today, the system is being used in more than 30 countries to track nearly 700 projects and over 5,000 local subgrants.

“The software [Vera] configured and developed has been intuitive, bug-free and transformative to the way we work…Working with Vera has probably been the best consulting/working relationship I’ve experienced in my 20+ years in system development.”

Mark Reilley, Director of IT, Pact
Key Features: Secure cloud, Real-time data reporting and visualization, Process automation, Donor management, Community Cloud, Chatter, Grant disbursement, Streamlined UI





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Human Rights, Criminal Justice

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