Advancing Data Solutions for Grants Management: Vera Solutions Announces Partnership with Exponent Partners

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21 February 2022

With increasing market demand for Amp Impact–Vera Solutions’ portfolio management and impact measurement solution built on the Salesforce platform–and the rapid growth of the Amp Impact Partnership Program, Vera Solutions is delighted to welcome Exponent Partners as an Amp Impact Implementation Partner. Exponent’s expertise in the philanthropic and human services sectors will serve to broaden and deepen the footprint of Amp Impact.

Who Is Exponent Partners?

Since 2005, Exponent Partners’ team of social impact strategists have committed to unlocking the value of data for organizations, helping them build their capabilities for a sustainable future.

Aligned closely with Vera Solutions’ mission, Exponent Partners is a social enterprise on a mission to help nonprofits working in education, human services and philanthropy drive greater social impact. Their goal is to give nonprofits smart and sustainable systems and tools to be adaptive and responsive in an ever-changing world. Equipping organizations with the ability to measure, understand, and improve impact in real-time, is helping social changemakers solve society’s toughest problems.

Exponent Partners has been designing and implementing transformational data solutions using the Salesforce platform since 2005. Over two-thirds of their 60+ staff hail from nonprofits, and collectively hold 100+ Salesforce certifications, ensuring clients receive the highest level of expertise.

“We are always seeking trusted partners who align with Vera’s mission and values. We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with and learning from Exponent Partners throughout the last decade and are excited to have formalized a partnership to grow our impact together. Exponent Partners is much more than a rockstar team of skilled Salesforce professionals. We share a mutual passion for driving better data management and impact intelligence in the philanthropic sector and are looking forward to embracing that synergy.”

Zak Kaufman, Vera Co-Founder and CEO

Why Partner Now?

Amp Impact has seen incredible growth over the past two years, specifically as an end-to-end program and grants management solution, centered around outcomes, KPI results, and portfolio impact intelligence. As highlighted in the 2020 Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems, grantmakers increasingly place impact measurement and collaboration at the center of both grant portfolio and digital strategies. As noted in our 5 Benefits Of Aligning Grant Management and Impact Measurement, a strong grant management system can no longer focus only on supporting the grant application, review, and disbursement processes, but must also provide a central source of strategic and operational intelligence. This intelligence is imperative to ensure that grant-based instruments are adequately contextualized and adaptable as programs evolve.

“Collecting and evaluating data related to impact has continued to grow in importance, and this is one of the areas in which the GMS marketplace has seen the most growth.”


As more and more organizations around the globe continue to turn to the Salesforce platform as their central source of truth, streamlining the grants lifecycle, opening up systems to grantees and reviewers, and collaborating on impact metrics has become key to organizational transparency for enhanced grantmaking efforts. Bringing together portfolio management and impact measurement capabilities, Amp Impact provides the foundational structure for managing a portfolio of grants, projects, or programs, and their associated financial data (disbursements, budgets, & allocations), impact data (indicators, targets, results, frameworks, impact stories, and narrative assessments), and risks. 

The philanthropy practice at Exponent Partners has over 15 years of experience helping grantmakers transform their work through streamlined business processes, so they know how to deliver solutions efficiently and effectively for teams, funders, and grantees. By consolidating and interrogating an organization’s outcomes data, the true value of their work and investments come into even sharper focus, giving them a complete picture of their portfolio at their fingertips.

Together, Vera and Exponent Partners are committed to amplifying the impact of the social sector by partnering with organizations to transform their outcomes and impact management systems. As an official implementation partner, Exponent Partners will provide Amp Impact implementation services within its existing portfolio of nonprofit consulting and strategic advisory services. 

“We are excited to work with Vera as part of their Amp Impact Partnership Program. Both organizations are deeply committed to using information systems as a lever for high-impact, positive social change. Our combined strengths and capabilities will help grantmaking organizations increase their impact through the power of their data”

Rem Hoffmann, CEO of Exponent Partners.

What’s Next?

Vera and Exponent Partners will leverage their respective strengths, diversity of perspectives, and expertise to drive better outcomes for the sector. Vera is committed to empowering and enabling Amp Impact Partners to deliver data solutions that not only help organizations improve efficiencies in grant management, but also evolve data management strategies to encompass the broader impact of grantmaking practices.

The partnership between Vera and Exponent Partners builds upon decades of experience and years of collaboration, jointly serving organizations like Catholic Relief Services, the Skoll Foundation, and Stanford Seed. Vera looks forward to many more collaborations with the Exponent Partners team.

Interested in unleashing the power of your data to amplify your impact? Let’s chat! We’d love to learn more about how we can partner to assist you with your impact management needs.

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