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Trade in complex spreadsheets for flexible, scalable data management on Salesforce

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Transforming the way social-impact organizations engage with data

By building on the Salesforce platform, we provide flexible, scalable solutions that save organizations time, money, and headaches while driving better insight and accountability.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Centralize beneficiary data, indicator management, logframes, and reporting to inform decision-making.


Program Management

Manage the activities, resources, outputs, and outcomes of your global portfolio of programs or services.


Grant Management

Streamline the full grant-making lifecycle on one platform to drive better results for you and your grantees.


CRM & Fundraising

Manage relationships with partners, donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries, and bolster fundraising with NPSP.


Service Delivery

Access case information in one place and provide timely response in remote areas with mobile offline tools.


Community Engagement

Connect and engage with your partner or customer community to facilitate collaboration and data-sharing.



A Single Source of Truth for Portfolio and Impact Data

Built on common needs observed during hundreds of digital transformation projects, Amp Impact brings data and teams together from across the program, project, or grant lifecycle to generate insights that inform decisions and drive more efficient, cost-effective programs. International Impact Partner

Our work is centered on the Salesforce platform, the world’s leading cloud computing platform. As an International Impact Partner, we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations, strengthening their systems and building their capacity to collect, manage, analyze, and utilize data.

  • "At the early days of the foundation, our database really consisted of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, which grantees would fill out and email back to us. As we developed our strategy, we wanted to turn that into a system. Thankfully, we teamed up with Vera Solutions back in 2011. We worked with Vera to develop a platform within Salesforce."

  • "Previously, AVPN was very cause agnostic; we always talked about supporting all themes (be it education or environment). In the last 2 years we have started looking at specific causes - we have a climate and gender platform now. That flexibility allowed us to spin up those platforms. The flexibility of Many2Many and Vera’s support helped pivot into specific platform developments".

  • “The partner you choose is more important than the platform itself. The best platform with a bad partner will not work because some decisions will influence the rest of the life of the organization… For us this project wouldn’t have existed without Vera. Vera was agile, always quick to address doubts, and laid out clear steps in the implementation process.”

  • “The software [Vera] configured and developed has been intuitive, bug-free and transformative to the way we work…Working with Vera has probably been the best consulting/working relationship I’ve experienced in my 20+ years in system development.”

  • “[Partnering with Vera Solutions], who is closely aligned with Salesforce, has been great for making strategic plans and to help us develop our platform.”

  • “It’s been an absolute pleasure working with [Vera Solutions] in this last year. [Vera has] worked tirelessly on this project and I really appreciate all the hard work [the team] put into the system. I hope the relationship between Vera and Frontline AIDS continues.”

  • “When we began working with Vera, we were looking for a partner who could help us bring all our processes onto a single software platform. Vera enabled us to achieve precisely that – they suggested that we use Salesforce, helped us think through complex requirements, and built a system that has been a critical driver for our growth.”

  • “Vera had a key role in adapting the system to the various needs of JRR. The result is a truly unique and powerful tool for managing data, interactions and processes. It also provides ways for us to evaluate our work, so as to better measure lasting impact JRR experts are having around the world.”

  • “Our system has created a culture of transparency, accountability and data-driven decision making that lends us undeniable credibility.”

  • “Vera transformed our ability to track programmatic outcomes and impact. Their knowledge, expertise, and creativity led to an exceptional product that delivers on all levels.”

  • “Pratham has been using Salesforce for more than 7 years thanks to Vera Solutions. More than 400 people at the ground level have been using the system to enter program data from rural parts of India and Salesforce keeps us all connected.”

Successful project delivery from kickoff to closeout

Discovery and Design

Discovery and Design

We work closely with our clients to identify painpoints, map requirements, and design a solution that is powerful and flexible.

Development and Testing

Our consultants and developers customize the application to achieve an excellent end-to-end user experience.

RefugePoint | Mobile Case Management System

User Training and Support

We provide users with the training, tools, and knowledge they need to make the most of the system once it is launched.

Dedicated Team of Salesforce Experts

Our global team holds more than 100 Salesforce certifications.

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